Volume 164

1 October 2020

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    1. Editorial Board/Publication Information

      Article 110181
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    1. ISSID Pages

      Article 110184
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    1. Examining relationships between personality profiles and organizational health outcomes

      Article 110118
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  1. Review Articles

    1. How is extraversion related to social media use? A literature review

      Article 110040
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    2. A meta-analytic review of the relationship between dispositional gratitude and well-being

      Article 110101
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  2. Regular Articles

    1. Decision-making and overconfidence in preschool children: The role of psychopathy features

      Article 110056
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    2. Sex differences in eyewitness memory: Females are more accurate than males for details related to people and less accurate for details surrounding them, and feel more anxious and threatened in a neutral but potentially threatening context

      Article 110093
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    3. Irrational thinking and psychological distress: A cross-racial/ethnic examination

      Article 110102
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    4. Zooming in on the attentional foundations of the Big Five

      Article 110000
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    5. Variations in Raven's Progressive Matrices scores among Chinese children and adolescents

      Article 110064
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    6. Personal values of lawbreakers

      Article 110104
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    7. Trajectory and relation between posttraumatic stress disorder on resilience in adolescents following the Yancheng tornado

      Article 110097
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    8. The incremental validity of implicit measures of creativity for creative achievement

      Article 110088
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    9. The relations between smartphone use, mood, and flow experience

      Article 109966
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    10. Sex differences in inductive reasoning: A research synthesis using meta-analytic techniques

      Article 109959
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    11. The influence of sex ratio and childhood harshness on male short-term mating preference

      Article 110100
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    12. An examination of two major constructs of cross-cultural competence: Cultural intelligence and intercultural competence

      Article 110105
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    13. Should I stay or should I go: Individual differences in response to romantic dealmakers and dealbreakers

      Article 110120
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    14. Light and dark trait subtypes of human personality – A multi-study person-centered approach

      Article 110121
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    15. Who cheats? An examination of light and dark personality traits as predictors of infidelity

      Article 110126
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    16. Locating psychopathy within the domain space of personality pathology

      Article 110124
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    17. Agency and intentionality-dependent experiences of moral emotions

      Article 110125
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    18. On looking versus leaping: A situated multilevel approach to trait anger and the anger-aggression relationship

      Article 110130
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    19. Belief in a corrupt world: A cross-cultural mediation model of beliefs about justice, punishment, and corruption

      Article 110127
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    20. Correlates of maternal Emotional Stability: Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study

      Article 110119
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  3. Short Communications

    1. The role of moral disengagement and animal empathy in the meat paradox

      Article 110103
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    2. Trait perfectionism and performance satisfaction in challenging laboratory problem-solving tasks

      Article 110110
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    3. From intelligence to political ideology: Socioeconomic paths

      Article 110095
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  4. Articles from the Special Issue on From Women in Personality Edited by Dr. Cynthia Fekken, Dr. Danielle Sulikowski and Dr. Sonia Costa

    1. Gender differences in judging intentionality: How the reaction time and sensitivity to provocation moderates this relationship

      Article 110107
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    2. Emotional intelligence in young women from five cultures: A TEIQue-SF invariance study using the omnicultural composite approach inside the IRT framework

      Article 110128
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  5. Article from the Special Issue on Personality Traits & COVID Edited by Dr. Philip Corr

    1. The development and initial tests for the psychometric properties of the COVID-19 Phobia Scale (C19P-S)

      Article 110108
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ISSN: 0191-8869