Volume 251

August 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 107149
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  1. Spectroscopy

    1. Absorption cross sections for neopentane broadened by nitrogen in the 3.3?μm region

      Article 107034
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    2. Line intensity parameters in the ν3 and 2ν33 bands of methyl chloride in the 13?μm region

      Article 107036
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    3. Spectroscopic constants and spin-orbit coupling in the low-lying electronic states of AsBr

      Article 107049
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    4. Empirical rovibrational energy levels of ammonia up to 7500?cm?1

      Article 107027
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    5. Calculated spectroscopic databases for the VAMDC portal: New molecules and improvements

      Article 107096
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    6. Pseudoline parameters to represent n-butane (n-C4H10) cross-sections measured in the 7–15?μm region for the Titan atmosphere

      Article 107011
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    7. The vacuum UV photoabsorption spectroscopy of the trans-dichloroethylene (1,2-ClHC=CClH) in the 5–20?eV range: Experiment and theory

      Article 107048
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    8. The observation of the C2Πi state of ScO: Rotational and deperturbation analysis of the interacting C2Πi and B2Σ+ states

      Article 107051
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    9. Radiative lifetimes of several low–lying doublet and quartet electronic states of diatomic boron carbide

      Article 107054
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    10. Investigations of the hyperfine structure and isotope shifts in the even-parity level system of atomic europium

      Article 107070
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    11. Anomalous absorption of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) rotational transitions

      Article 107085
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    12. Spin-forbidden electronic transition properties of MgO

      Article 107086
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    13. Magneto-plasmonic [email protected] (M?=?Au/Ag/Au-Ag) core-shell nanoparticles for biological imaging and therapeutics

      Article 107095
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  2. Electromagnetic Scattering

    1. Spherical harmonics expansion of the evanescent waves in angular spectrum decomposition of shaped beams

      Article 107012
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    2. Received radar power ratio (RPR) of charged sand/dust aerosol particle systems

      Article 107040
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    3. Efficient design of the realization scheme of the invariant imbedding (IIM) T-matrix light scattering model for atmospheric nonspherical particles

      Article 106999
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    4. Reflection and transmission of a Bessel vortex beam by a stratified uniaxial anisotropic slab

      Article 107046
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    5. Spectral optical characteristics of nanoparticles for effective extinction of black body radiation with high temperatures

      Article 107067
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  3. Radiative Transfer

    1. Using multi-layer structure to improve the radiative cooling performance

      Article 107052
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    2. A 24-hour thermoelectric generator simultaneous using solar heat energy and space cold energy

      Article 107038
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    3. Bidirectional transmittance of transparent windows with external or backside condensation of nonabsorbing cap-shaped droplets

      Article 107039
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    4. An improved Monte Carlo method for radiative heat transfer in participating media

      Article 107081
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  4. Near-Field Energy Transport

    1. Fabry-Perot cavity amplification of near-field thermal rectification

      Article 107023
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  5. Atmospheric Radiation

    1. The retrieval of cloud properties based on spectral solar light diffuse transmittance measurements under optically thick cloud cover conditions

      Article 107008
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  6. Remote Sensing

    1. Retrieval of the total ozone over Antarctica using Sentinel-3 ocean and land colour instrument

      Article 107045
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    2. Influence analysis of the detection accuracy of atmospheric water vapor using the solar-blind ultraviolet Raman lidar

      Article 107032
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  7. Errata (or Corrigenda)

    1. Corrigenda to “Optical radiation force circular dichroism spectroscopy” [J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transfer 2020;244:106850]

      Article 107016
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  8. Special Issue: Electromagnetic and Light Scattering VIII

    1. Features of spectral dependence of single scattering characteristics for crystalline clouds

      Article 107026
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  9. Special Issue: Light Pollution : Theory, Modelling, and Measurements (2019)

    1. Spatio-temporal association of light pollution and urban sprawl using remote sensing imagery and GIS: A simple method based in Otsu's algorithm

      Article 107060
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  10. Special Issue: Radiative Transfer Models for Satellite Data Assimilation

    1. Development and application of ARMS fast transmittance model for GIIRS data

      Article 107025
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    2. Advanced radiative transfer modeling system developed for satellite data assimilation and remote sensing applications

      Article 107043
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    3. How radiative transfer models can support the future needs of earth-system forecasting and re-analysis

      Article 107044
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  11. Special Issue: The Ninth International Symposium on Radiative Transfer

    1. Monte-Carlo and sensitivity transport models for domain deformation

      Article 107022
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    2. Inferring soot morphology through multi-angle light scattering using an artificial neural network

      Article 106957
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