Volume 44, Issue 2

June 2020

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 100796
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  2. Reviewer Acknowledgement

    Article 100801
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  3. Effects of subject pool culture and institutional environment on corruption: Experimental evidence from Albania

    Article 100783
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  4. Does GINI respond to income volatility in an asymmetric manner? Evidence from 41 countries

    Article 100756
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  5. Credit constraints and R&D over the boom and bust: Firm-level evidence from Central and Eastern Europe

    Article 100747
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  6. Private and public investment in sub-Saharan Africa: The role of instability risks

    Article 100787
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  7. Economic indicators and stock market volatility in an emerging economy

    Article 100788
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  8. Financial sector strategies and financial sector outcomes: Do the strategies perform?

    Article 100757
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  9. Deposit structure, market discipline, and ownership type: Evidence from Indonesia

    Article 100758
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  10. Female participation in parliament. Are we ever going to converge to Scandinavia?

    Article 100759
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  11. Common shocks, common transmission mechanisms and time-varying connectedness among Dow Jones Islamic stock market indices and global risk factors

    Article 100760
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  12. Cultural distance and international trade in services: A disaggregate view

    Article 100786
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  13. Political regimes and bank interest margins

    Article 100789
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ISSN: 0939-3625