Volume 430

15 August 2020

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 109170
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  2. Modeling cyanobacteria biomass by surface sediment diatoms in lakes: problems and suggestions

    Article 109056
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  3. Making quantitative predictions on the yield of a species immersed in a multispecies community: The focal species method

    Article 109108
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  4. Uruguayan native grasslands net aerial primary production model and its application on safe stocking rate concept

    Article 109060
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  5. Using qualitative network models to assess the influence of mussel culture on ecosystem dynamics

    Article 109070
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  6. Response of a forested catchment over the last 25 years to past acid deposition assessed by biogeochemical cycle modeling (Strengbach, France)

    Article 109124
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  7. Comparing loss functions and interval estimates for survival data

    Article 109077
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  8. Inhibition of competitive exclusion due to phytoplankton dispersion: a contribution for solving Hutchinson's paradox

    Article 109089
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  9. A model of egg bank dynamics in ephemeral ponds

    Article 109126
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  10. A consistent calibration across three wheat models to simulate wheat yield and phenology in China

    Article 109132
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  11. Can DEB models infer metabolic differences between intertidal and subtidal morphotypes of the Antarctic limpet Nacella concinna (Strebel, 1908)?

    Article 109088
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  12. Quantitative food web modeling unravels the importance of the microphytobenthos-meiofauna pathway for a high trophic transfer by meiofauna in soft-bottom intertidal food webs.

    Article 109129
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  13. Sensitivity analysis, calibration and validation of a phenology model for Pityogenes chalcographus (CHAPY)

    Article 109137
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  14. Combining the strengths of agent-based modelling and network statistics to understand animal movement and interactions with resources: example from within-patch foraging decisions of bumblebees

    Article 109119
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  15. Predicting the ecosystem-wide impacts of eradication with limited information using a qualitative modelling approach.

    Article 109122
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  16. Sensitivity of Vegetation Growth to Precipitation in a Typical Afforestation Area in the Loess Plateau: Plant-Water Coupled Modelling

    Article 109128
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  17. Ecosystem-scale nutrient cycling responses to increasing air temperatures vary with lake trophic state

    Article 109134
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  18. Modeling the Growth of Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) in Aquaculture Systems using Dynamic Energy Budget Theory

    Article 109151
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  19. Ecosystem intrinsic value and its evaluation

    Article 109131
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  20. Predicting lake surface water phosphorus dynamics using process-guided machine learning

    Article 109136
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ISSN: 0304-3800