Volume 27, Issue 3

Pages 245-344 (June 2020)

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  1. Editorials

    1. Editorial: Language and culture: Nurses positioned to lead hospital care for people living with dementia

      Pages 245-247
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    2. Editorial: COVID-19 and what it means for end-of-life care in ICU: Balancing the priorities

      Pages 248-249
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  2. Original research

    1. Aboriginal people with chronic HCV: The role of community health nurses for improving health-related quality of life

      Pages 250-257
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    2. Finding ways together: Researching with Aboriginal women in a mental health setting

      Pages 258-264
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    3. Building resilience among rural and remote nurses in Queensland, Australia

      Pages 265-270
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    4. Primary health care content in Australian undergraduate nursing curricula

      Pages 271-280
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    5. Enhanced primary care provided by a nurse practitioner candidate to aged care facility residents: A mixed methods study

      Pages 281-287
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    6. Family carers’ needs related to management of functional disability in dementia care and use of mHealth applications in health information seeking: An online survey

      Pages 288-297
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    7. Experiences of internationally qualified registered nurses enrolled in a bridging program in Australia: A pilot study

      Pages 298-303
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    8. Mitigating opioid errors in inpatient palliative care: A qualitative study

      Pages 304-312
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    9. How are older people’s care preferences documented towards the end of life?

      Pages 313-318
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    10. Conquering the great divide: Rural mothers of children with chronic health conditions accessing specialist medical care for their children

      Pages 319-326
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    11. A reputational risk for the profession: Workplace violence toward nursing students

      Pages 327-333
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    12. The effect of a purpose-built memory support unit on the transition to high level dementia care; Perspectives of multiple participants

      Pages 334-339
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  3. Systematic review protocol

    1. Nurse-led interventions to manage hypertension in general practice: A systematic review protocol

      Pages 340-343
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  4. Corrigendum

    1. Corrigendum to “Individual resilience, intention to stay, and work frustration among postgraduate two-year programme nurses” [Collegian 26 (2019) 435–440]

      Page 344
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ISSN: 1322-7696