Diamond for Quantum Applications Part 1

Edited by Christoph E. Nebel, Igor Aharonovich, Norikazu Mizuochi, Mutsuko Hatano
Volume 103,

Pages 2-303 (2020)

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  1. Series Page

    Page ii
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  2. Copyright

    Page iv
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  3. Contributors

    Pages ix-x
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  4. Preface

    Pages xi-xii
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  5. Chapter One - Color centers in diamond for quantum applications

    Pages 1-36
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  6. Chapter Two - Ultrapure homoepitaxial diamond films grown by chemical vapor deposition for quantum device application

    Pages 37-55
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  7. Chapter Three - Step-edge growth and doping of diamond

    Pages 57-72
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  8. Chapter Four - Nitrogen-vacancy doped CVD diamond for quantum applications: A review

    Pages 73-136
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  9. Chapter Five - Charge state control by band engineering

    Pages 137-159
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  10. Chapter Six - High-pressure, high-temperature synthesis and doping of nanodiamonds

    Pages 161-199
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  11. Chapter Seven - The silicon vacancy center in diamond

    Pages 201-235
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  12. Chapter Eight - Color centers based on heavy group-IV elements

    Pages 237-256
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  13. Chapter Nine - Hybrid light collection

    Pages 257-275
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  14. Chapter Ten - Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) in diamond

    Pages 277-293
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  15. Index

    Pages 295-303
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ISBN: 978-0-12-820240-1

ISSN: 0080-8784